Illustrious Ambience

Chronicles of Rajasthan

Virasat endeavours to reprise every small detail of the lifestyle of the Rajput rulers. Food, dining, travelling, music, dance, culture, art and craft - it touches all aspects of the royal era to give its visitors an experience they treasure for a life time.

Celebrity Visit in Virasat Restaurant Jaipur

Dressed in a bandhej jumpsuit, television actor Preetika Rao (sister of Bollywood actor Amrita Rao) looked every bit a Princess as she held the sword in her hands, wore turban over her head and sat striking a royal poise at the famous SwarnMahal throne. She came to Virasat while on her visit to the city and indulged in Rajasthani food, dancing and even joined the musicians to belt out her favourite numbers. Catch the glimpse of the actress enjoying herself.

 Posted On : 23-09-2016