Our Concept

Virasat, as the name inspires a legacy, works towards preserving it for the generations to come and be aware about its enriching history. One of the pioneers in treasuring the heritage of a diverse state like Rajasthan, Virasat proudly dedicates itself into the world of culture, tradition and cuisine.

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Our magnificence

For it supreme luxury and coveted dining experience Virasat has always been the favourite dining place among the dignitaries coming to Jaipur. Be it actors or entrepreneurs, musicians or corporates, Virasat's loyal clientele boasts of people from every field. We present to you a sneak into their candid moments they spent at the restaurant.

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Our Features

Live Music

Ancient rulers were deeply influenced by the spiritual power of music. Reprising the traditional dining experience, the food is served in true Rajputana style coupled with live musical renditions by celebrated artists.

Folk Dance

Witness the renowned folk dancers bring the royal dining assembly to life as they sway to Rajasthani folk numbers. You can join them for a memorable evening.

Traditional Welcome

Reprising the traditional welcome rituals Virasat welcomes its esteemed guests with the auspicious vermilion over their forehead and a warm gesture of garlanding.

Feet Wash

Decades old custom of the Rajputanas, washing the guests' feet was not just considered pious but a respectful gesture which eases the guests off the travel fatigue. Virasat brings to life the old tradition.


To capture the extraordinary experience at the restaurant you are offered pro photography that will help you etch the moments in your travel diaries forever. You can strike poses in the palatial setting and boast them on your social media.

Turban Tying

Wearing turban in Rajasthan signifies pride and stature. Rajasthan has a variety of turban tying styles hailing from different princely states. Extending the same regard, Virasat offers a special turban tying ceremony to the guests before they head for dinner.

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