Swarn Mahal

Dine in the assembly of the King over low level seating (singhsans) that creates a traditional and royal dining experience. With a personalised service and luxury food Swarn Mahal strives to give its visitors a royal and private dining experience coupled with live music and dance.

Our Features

Royal Welcome

The royal Indian welcome given to all adorned their forehead with 'raj tilak' vermillion mark.


Get treated with Garlanding offered as a mark of respect and honour.

Silver Thals

Authentic food served in silver thals.

Turban Tying

Royal rajasthani Experience by tieing a turban also known as pagh, across the head.

Feet Wash

A small sail to royality via Feet wash tradition.

Live Music & Dance

A dedicated lively ambience offered to make you feel the kingdom's arena.