Sheesh Mahal

The closest recreation of historical Sheesh Mahal it replicates the royal dining and paints a story that brings the luxury lives of Rajput rulers to life. Made with centuries old architectural techniques and designs its innovative mirror work and a blend of Mughal and Rajput palaces makes it a one-of-a-kind place.

Our Features

Royal Grooming

Apart from comforting fabric and quality design, you are given personal stylists who dress you up, groom and style you with regards to the look you opt for.

Royal Photography

Photos tell their own story and with an experience as timeless as this it gets mandatory to have the emotions, smiles, happy tears captured to be preserved forever.

Royal Welcome

All set and decked up to step in the palatial Sheesh Mahal, your welcome is particularly designed to give you a glance of the world you are about to transcend into.

Feet Wash

The royal pedigree was renowned for leading the most luxurious life ever. With very few cosmetic treatments popular in the erstwhile era, the Queens and Princess opted for natural healing ways to charm their looks out.

Royal Dining

The whole experience is offered a fitting finale by the most extravagant style of dining at Sheesh Mahal. Revel in the glory of dining like the people of country life while reflecting the legacies of the opulent era.

Royal Ragaas

Music can be a social activity, but it can also be a very spiritual experience. Ancient Indian rulers were deeply influenced by the spiritual power of music, and it is out of this that Indian classical music and ragas were born.