Virasat Heritage Restaurant

An ode to the royal Rajasthan

Indulge all your imaginations in the vibrant ambience and authentic flavours of Rajasthan as Virasat aspires to offer its customers a taste of royal lifestyle, Rajasthan has been known for.

About Us

An ode to Rajasthan!

Decades of eventful past, eons of charismatic legacy, hues of history that seem to be as endless as the distant horizon and a tone that sets all the folklore you have ever heard to life. This is the life and time that Rajasthan proudly carries on its formidable shoulders. It was ten years ago when Virasat took the onus of exploring and carrying this heritage in all its glory for everybody to see, feel, live and be a part of. With a vision towards becoming an insightful channel for the world that transpires a milieu of cultural and traditional Rajasthan, Virasat began its journey to bring people together and get a real time experience of the royal lifestyle of this land of Kings. Apart from a plethora of customs and world-famous forts, Rajasthani cuisine emerges as one of the most popular things of the state that makes it alluring for travellers from every corner of the world and India itself. The very fact incepted the idea of recreating a dining experience that will bring the authentic flavours of Rajasthan from obscure alleys of the rustic desert land along with the dining setting, mannerisms, and the traditional way of serving the luxury food. In an attempt to restore this unbounded Rajasthani fare in the most authentic form, what culminated is Virasat – for the world to see and experience. In order to keep alive the regal and rustic lifestyle Virasat showcases a multi-experiential dining set up that poses and appeals invariably to every class of audience that is fond of elaborate and extensive meals taken in the most luxury-laden ambience. It features a concept restaurant at every floor that reprises food, customs and traditions in their best glory. To say that every corner in every restaurant here is Instagram-worthy is not an overstatement. From it personality to colour palette, cuisine to customs everything is designed keeping the heritage in mind. You not just enjoy a meal but relive a legacy that was followed hundreds of years ago.


Launched on May 10th 2006 at one of the most famous high street locations of Jaipur i.e. M.I Road Virasat started with an aspiration and challenge of preserving and educating people about the significance of Rajasthani culture and heritage. Weaving every intricacy of the old Rajputana, Virasat put together a destination that lives up to its name that is synonymous with heritage and quaint ambience, food, hospitality and warmth for others to match up to. An unprecedented representation of Heritage, Culture and Tradition make Virasat the most sought after place of Pink City Jaipur. Every creation at Virasat has been achieved with intense research of the history of the princely states of Rajasthan during state times. The depiction of art and architecture represent the historical grandeur and luxury of Rajputanas. One sees a unique blend of Mughal and Rajputi lifestyles, arts and architecture here. The cultural details, behavioural mannerisms and reflections of local languages and dialects can also be observed.


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